The Green Bolide

The Green Bolide is a lean, mean, green machine.

With a sleek, aerodynamic fibreglass body, a bioethanol ICE and a cutting edge electronic push-start carburetor, the Green Bolide weighs in at only 40kg. The Green Bolide will be appearing at Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2018 and has been created by Northumbria University's Team Nucleus.

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Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 40kg
  • Dimensions: 0.65m (H) x 0.6m (W) x 3m (L)
  • Drag coefficient: 0.1
  • Maximum speed: 30mph

The glue that holds the Green Bolide together

Simple but strong, the chassis underneath the Green Bolide supports the vehicle and protects it's most important parts.

Made of the aluminium alloy 6082-T6, the chassis weighs 15 kilograms (around a third of the total weight of the car). It's joints are welded for superior strength and stability - it's design adds strength and stability to the vehicle and acts as an anchor for the body and electronics system.

The chassis of the Green Bolide also incorporates the driver's seat, steering mounts and engine mounts, and includes a rollbar for inmproved driver safety.

Light, sleek and aerodynamic

As weight is crucially important in ensuring effective fuel use, the Green Bolide utilises a four-part fibreglass body with dzus quick-release panel fasteners.

The panelling was formed by hand-crafting EVA foam moulds, which were smoothed into shape with a dremel and sanded to a smooth finish. The team then manually shaped and cured the fibreglass sheets within their laboratory.

Thick sheets of acetate form the main window of the car, this allows further weight reduction alongside improved driver safety in the vehicle.

The heart of the Green Bolide

Featuring a custom clutch system courtesy of Max Torque, as well as a modified electric start system and a Shell-provided fuel tank, the engine is the beating heart behind the Green Bolide.

Running on ethanol, one of the greenest fuels, the Honda GXH50 4-stroke engine features a sophisticated air filtration system, an OHV design for optimal power transfer and a high compression ratio for improved fuel efficiency.

The custom clutch system means that the Green Bolide has an automatic transmission system, meaning the engine can engage the clutch and transmission automatically when the target RPM is reached.

Directional stability made simple

Local company and charity Recyke y' Bike helped Team Nucleus to create custom wheels for the Green Bolide, which have minimised rolling friction. The wheels were sustainably sourced as they are crafted from old unused bicycle parts.

The stub axels are also custom made, having an 8 meter turning radius which allows for the vehicle to take tight corners. The overall steering system is an Ackerman design, further increasing the car's manoeverability.

The steering wheel itself is made from lightweight recycled plastics and was 3D printed within Team Nucleus's laboratory.

Our Sponsors

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Downloads and Technical Documents

Here you can find the technical reports and presentations created by Team Nucleus.

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